Why Invest in a WHAM System

After site selection, project design, and financing, your most important decision is security protection. Why? Because your tenants demand security and will pay well for it. Pages 28-29 of the July 1995 Mini-Storage Messenger, reporting on data from the 1994-95 Self-Storage Almanac indicate the effect of computerized security is to raise rental rates, adjusted for occupancy, by an average of 22 percent. This suggests the rate of return on the marginal additional security investment exceeds 100% per year.

Successful professionals recognize that to maximize rental income, a mini-storage facility must offer tenants conveniently accessible space and security.

WHAM gives your tenants both. They enjoy the easy access of private personal log-in (PIN) codes, and the secure feeling that their possessions are protected by the most advanced electronic engineering.

WHAM gives the owner even more. You enjoy the protection of a highly visible alarm system which discourages vandals as well as thieves, and the safety of optional fire and smoke detection. You also enjoy extraordinary flexibility in the control of access to your facility, even during unattended hours. Individual tenants may be scheduled for normal, extended or twenty-four hour access, or assigned customized hours. Delinquent tenants may be flagged or denied access automatically by any computer bookkeeping system configured to do so, or manually through WHAM's own keyboard.



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