The WHAM Difference

From the ground up, WHAM is unlike any security system in the world. The difference is fundamental, not superficial. Two patented design features make it so:

  1. the absence of all electronics except those fully contained within the PC-based System Controller,
  2. the full supervision of those non-electronic components which of necessity must be external to the controller (i.e., the alarm cables, sensors, surge suppressors, keypads, terminal blocks, connectors, etc.).

The first feature means that WHAM's electronic reliability is limited only by the components which are inside the controller, a controlled, non-hostile environment.

The second feature means that when the inevitable short or open circuit trouble condition strikes (damage to the cables, sensors, keypads, etc.) the problem will be captured and recorded so it can be fixed, instead of going undetected, hence ignored.

These features are basic essentials. So logically they should be a part of every modern security system. But they are not. Amazingly, they are missing from all of the systems marketed to the self-storage industry. The likely reason is cost. They are costly features to develop and require high sales volume to justify. But more costly than the features is their absence. In the end the features cost nothing. They save make money. They are why WHAM Systems replace, but are never replaced by, other systems. If, "WHAM is the best," then these two features are the reasons.



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