About the WHAM System

Unique Features

WHAM's unique features include:

High speed (virtually instantaneous) alarm detection, a seemingly obvious criteria for a security system, but by no means one which may be taken for granted. Most others are slow serial-multiplexer scan systems which often fail to detect violations of even as long as several seconds or more, leaving plenty of time to break in or tamper without detection.

The WHAM System is false alarm free, period. Its design and signal processing routines pay unprecedented attention to the avoidance of false alarms which would otherwise completely destroy confidence in your System. Be assured, when the alarm goes off, there is something really worth investigating.

Starting with the simplest, most popular computer in the world, every single electronic component of the System resides at one and only one, easily serviced location... inside the controller itself.

99 percent of the System's background operations are devoted to continual self-diagnosis. If a trouble occurs, the printed and recorded results of this powerful tool are instantly at the disposal of your serviceperson. No other system does this.

With proper configuration, your bookkeeping system automatically informs WHAM of rental delinquencies and other changes of tenant status via an optional, industry standard RS232C interface. Of course, delinquency access denials may also be entered from you manual bookkeeping records via the keyboard.



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