About the WHAM System

Installation & Service

The wiring of the WHAM System is elegantly simple. It may be installed in new or existing facilities and can replace any existing, non-functioning system.

The System can protect up to 4096 units. Running out from the computer are 3/8" cables belting the inside perimeters of the storage buildings and connecting up to 512 doors. A pair of wires, in series with a lightning suppressor, rises from a switch mounted at the top of each door and snaps onto the overhead belt cable in accordance with a preprinted stick-on label. WHAM installation is largely a one-man job. A new installer can wire about thirty doors a day, a more experienced person, twice that.

Unlike any other system, all electronics reside solely inside a PC-based controller. There are no active electronics in the keypads nor enroute to the switches on the storage doors. Electronics are entirely eliminated from building corridors and exteriors where they are difficult to service and vulnerable to lightning, moisture and tampering.

We require observance of U.L and N.E.C. grounding and lightning protection standards for the structures and metal conduits which contain the System. This is a prudent precaution which enhances the survivability of your System in the worst of environmental hazards, electrical storms.



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