About the WHAM system

Operation of the System

When a new tenant signs his lease he also establishes a personal 4-digit code. Upon each subsequent visit he must use his code, known only to him and the computer, to open the gate and disarm the sensing device on his door (or doors, if he rents multiple units). If a tenant is delinquent in his rent or attempts access other than during his scheduled hours, or to an unauthorized zone, the gate will not open and the alarm on his door will remain armed.

The optional speech synthesizer delivers specific instructional messages to those who unsuccessfully attempt to gain access, or forget to close their door before departing.

An automatically updating site status screen shows the manager at a glance the instantaneous status of each tenant progressing through the site. With simple, pull-down menu commands, the manager may call for reports on vacancy, delinquency, access schedules, overall system statistics, and many others. The graphics option allows these reports to be viewed pictorially. The journal printer permanently archives a chronological, too-the-second record of all activity. The computer's hard disk drive similarly records all events in color, so you can scroll backwards in time (through millions of events, if necessary) to view the history of site activity.



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