About the WHAM system

Selecting the right installer

Choose your installer/servicer primarily for his availability for long term service.

The foregoing is certainly the most important sentence in this document and cannot be overemphasized. Agree in advance with your installer/servicer on how the System is to be maintained in the future. This is a far more important part of the relationship with him than is the installation itself. It is the most important factor in the long-term success of your WHAM System as a money making asset. Lose service and you may lose your asset. So don't install without a service solution.

Because only you can determine the phasing and timing of your installation, we suggest that you employ a local installer/servicer, someone very close by the site, who can be flexible enough to accommodate changes in your construction schedule and readily available for future maintenance. It's our job to train him and support him. It's your job to pick him and keep him. His allegiance must be to you. You and he together can then judge our performance; that will keep us on our toes.

To protect you, we do not permit installations by other than qualified installer-servicemen. We will train your installer at our factory training center or via phone and correspondence, then ship a complete kit containing all of the required installation materials to your site. The installer needs to supply only his skill and commitment.



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