About the WHAM System

Components & Configuration

The WHAM System is simple, tough and maintainable. Based on a standard dedicated PC-based controller, the System includes a color VGA display monitor and an optional journal printer. The use of proven hardware and disk-based software reduces obsolescence and allows for easy system updates.

The computer is configured as a alarm system through the addition of plug-in modules. These are connected to tenant-operated code-entry keypads, door switches, burglar and fire alarm detection equipment and, if applicable, electrically actuated entry and exit gates and doors. The alarm detection devices may be wired or wireless, or a combination of both, if called for.

Interfaces are provided for external alerting devices ranging from simple sirens and lights, to advanced telephone communications linked to off-site monitoring facilities. Perimeter detection devices (such as motion, vibration or seismic sensors) and devices on common-access corridor doors are managed automatically. Provision may also be made to protect your office, fencing, and stored recreational vehicles and boats.



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