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System Options

The Color Motion Graphics Security Marketing Display Option

The Color Motion Graphics Security Marketing Display Option adds a highly visible demonstration of your security investment which may appear on a color monitor of up to 35 diagonal inches. Built into a wall panel or supported from a wall or ceiling bracket, the pictorial display continuously pans your site, homing-in on tenant activity, highlighting units that are logging-in, opening, closing, alarming, etc. It pictorializes over a hundred different reports on the status of occupancy, vacancy, delinquency, lockouts, schedules, unit groupings, security zones, cabling, sensor types, etc. You see graphically the sizes and locations of all your units. You can virtually "drive" new tenants to their units on the screen to show them the best route, and you can zoom-in on other points of interest along the way (dumpsters, etc.).

You can draw your own WHAM-compliant screen artwork using Microsoft Paintbrush. Or you can have it exported from your architect's AutoCAD drawings. Or WHAM's graphics artists can draw screen artwork for you from your door-numbered blueprint. We also do touch-up.



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